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Diploma in Electrical Technology

Are you someone who is passionate about the environment and wish to save the planet? Then our Diploma in Electrical Engineering is just the course for you. Be part of the world’s push for sustainable energy as you learn about environmentally friendly innovations in the energy and power sectors.

Learn about electrical and power engineering, energy efficiency and management, urban transportation systems, as well as how to create green products and solutions. Plus, gain knowledge in power systems engineering, smart grids, energy management solutions, rail transit and electrification systems, electrical systems design and sustainable technologies.

This diploma is for you if …

You want to be a successful electrical engineer who has a keen interest in clean energy and electrical power, sustainability and climate change.

What You’ll Study

Item Diploma in Engineering
Admission Fees
Tk. 7,000
Lab Fees
Tk. 1,000
Library Fees
Tk. 500
Admission Form and ID Card
Tk. 500
Monthly Tuition Fees (4 Year)
Tk 1,000 x 48 = Tk 48,000
Semester Fees (8 Semester)
Tk 6,000 x 8 = Tk 48,000

Career Prospects

  • Electrical Engineering & Services
  • Power Engineering
  • Energy Management
  • Facility Management
  • Operations Management
  • Clean Energy
  • Urban & Rail Transportation Systems
  • Sustainable Design & Solutions
  • Research & Development
  • Technopreneurship & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 01769501480
Room No. : TC 003

Mr. Md. Kausher Ahmed

HOD, Electrical Technology

Phone: 01733649985
Room No. : TC 003

Ms. Foujia Afroj

Sr. Instructor, Electrical Technology

Phone: 01674247039
Room No. : TC 002

Md. Jewel Rana

Instructor, Electrical Technology

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