Borak Polytechnic Institute

Diploma in Mechanical Technology

Do you love machines? Enjoy putting things together by hand? If your answer is yes, then you should take up our Diploma in Mechanical Engineering course, which combines mechanical, electronics and computing engineering.

Learn how to build your own machines and gadgets as you pick up the basics of engineering and programming. Plus, you can choose to specialize in areas such as automobile, automation and robotics, wafer, fabrication, aerospace or biomedical engineering.
This diploma is for you if…
You are fascinated by intelligent machineries and are keen to integrate technologies to create high-tech machines.

What You’ll Study

Item Diploma in Engineering
Admission Fees
Tk. 7,000
Lab Fees
Tk. 1,000
Library Fees
Tk. 500
Admission Form and ID Card
Tk. 500
Monthly Tuition Fees (4 Year)
Tk 1,000 x 48 = Tk 48,000
Semester Fees (8 Semester)
Tk 6,000 x 8 = Tk 48,000

Career Prospects

  • Automobile Industries
  • Aerospace Industries at home and abroad
  • Construction industries
  • Marine Industries
  • Materials and Metals Industries
  • Rail Industries
  • Entrepreneurship
Phone: 01313 709232
Room No. : TC 002

Md Joherul Islam

HOD, Mechanical Technology

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